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A Bit About Me

Behind the Style

My parents both grew up on family farms in Michigan. Every summer I got to send an entire week with my grandparents playing outside, running around the farm, playing in the dirt. My grandpa taught me the joy of little things on the farm, running around fields, swinging from a rope into the haystack in the bark, racing around the yard on lawnmowers. My grandma always brought out lunch on the porch with fresh foods and lemonade, and we’d sit and eat while listening to the pond and the birds.
My grandparents were all always so patient with me as they taught me knew things. They explained things in a way that I would be able to understand, and were always happy to give quick refreshers when I couldn't remember specific things. I want your experience here to feel like that. I want you to leave feeling like you understand what you're doing, but also know you can come back for quick recaps when you need them.
Even though the farm is gone, I love anything that brings back those memories, those special times with family. Maybe someday I’ll be able to have my own farm to show my kids my love of that life, but for now I will create those memories in the things I make and the places I go.

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