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Let Me Take You On A Knitting Vacation

Make a knitting getaway for YOU!

Imagine the coziest place you've ever been to or seen an image of. Think of how enjoyable it would be to sit in that place and knit for an evening, by yourself, with no distractions. Make that getaway for yourself, no travel needed.

The Setting

Let your mind wander to a place you've dreamed of visiting, or going back to. Is it a grandparent's home, a coastal hideaway, a cabin retreat in the woods? What are you surrounded by? What kind of smells and sounds fill your senses? 

Choose a spot in your dwelling (home, apartment, camper, etc.), this should be a place free of distraction, and not the spot you typically sit down to knit. Choose a different room, a different chair, maybe sit at a table if you usually sit or lay on a couch or chair. This change in scene will shift your mind into making this time something that is special.

Tidy your area. This is best done before your knitting time, so you're not wasting your special getaway. 

The main cable is very simple and quick

The Scene

Now that you have the location for your vacation, let's set the scene. If you're able to light candles where you are, find a candle that smells similar to the place you want to be. If you cannot light a candle, maybe use a wax warmer, or scent plugin, or maybe you don't want to have a scent at all and that's fine too. I am going to use my wax warmer with my fireplace scent, because it reminds me of evenings at my grandparent's farm, where my Papa always had a fire roaring at night in the fireplace.

Next, turn off the tv, turn off the radio, turn off the podcasts. Either sit in silence, or turn on some nature sounds that fit for the place you'd like to be, or some very quiet and soft acoustic music. Don't let sound be a distraction from your time.

Find something you've knit before, or someone has made for you, and bring it to your vacation place. Let it remind you of the things you've made before and the joy of finishing a project. 

Get a cup or glass of your favorite cozy beverage, whether that's hot tea or coffee, or just water or juice. If you want a snack, make sure it won't make your fingers greasy or sticky , so you don't have to get up from your place while you're knitting to clean your hands.Make sure you have everything you will need so that you can devote this time to your project.

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