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Tractor Races

Imagine your foot to the pedal, wind in your hair, roaring laughter as you try to pass your siblings on the turn around the barn, speeding at incredible speeds up to 7mph. As a child, that was the ultimate freedom. We didn’t have those electric mini-cars other kids had to drive around a neighborhood, pretending we were adults. We had fully working, slightly dangerous, no seatbelts included, mowing machines. We were unstoppable! (Even by small trees, but that’s another story). You had to be careful because the belt was un-covered on one, so if you didn’t make sure you kept your leg out of the way you would be in serious hurt, but really it just added to the feeling of being wild and dangerous, and what kid doesn’t crave that? I have no idea how many little laps we made around the barn, but it didn’t matter, we just drove until someone would come over and told us it was time to go inside.

Sometimes knitting reminds me of those tractor races. I can get in the groove and feel like I'm really moving, but "really moving" is quite a relative term for knitting. Maybe if I had a tractor stitch marker I could pretend it's doing laps around my rounds :D

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