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Alter your hand knits

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Did you know you can alter your knitwear?

As much as I wish all of my hand knits turned out perfectly every time, it just isn't true. Sometimes I knit something that turns out a little big, or it fits right but I'd like to shape it a little differently after awhile.

Altering knits that took 40 plus hours to make can be really intimidating to do, but with a little practice I think anyone can gain the confidence to sew some new seams too.

This process can feel extremely significant since it took so much time to make the fabric, but knitwear really is just that, it's fabric. You can cut it, sew it, do all kinds of things with it.

My hope is that the process of altering your knits could potentially make the actual knitting less stressful, knowing that if it doesn't turn out just perfectly, it's not ruined or over.

You can grab a sewing machine or needle and thread, re-shape, take in, and sew it back up. No one would even notice except you.

If you're thinking about trying this out, I highly recommend starting on some swatches before you go to sweaters or likewise.

Have you tried altering your knits before? Tell me about how it turned out for you!

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