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Garden Experiments

It's no secret that I really love gardening. It feels good to be able to provide food for my family, and creating a pretty yard makes me feel pretty useful too. I would definitely not consider myself "good" at gardening, I've really only had the opportunity to experiment completely on my own for a few years now, and every year so far has been exactly that, an experiment.

The first year we moved into this house, I just planted a plethora of random seeds into my lone raised bed and just waited to see what would come up, and what would produce. My monster zucchini ended up overtaking almost the entire bed, choking out most things, and was eventually ripped out because I wanted green beans.

I like to think my gardening is at least a bit more successful and planned now. Most of my seeds are started indoors, and I have a seasonal plan written out of what I am planting and when.

What am I most excited about this year? Loofah and flax :) I'll keep you updated to how it goes.

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