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Sparrow Shawl Coloring Page

Want to test out some colors for the Sparrow Shawl? Here's a quick coloring page to use! You can download it, then either print it and color by hand, or open it in "Paint" and do some quick color trials. To download: right-click and save image, or download the file below for a full organizer.

My Colors_ (1)
Download PDF • 58KB

A few tips for choosing colors:

1) If using three colors, start with the medium shade, then go to the lightest, then the darkest.

2) Use a variegation of the same color, start with the lightest and move to the darkest, or vice versa.

3) Use three colors in similar hues that fall next to one another on the color wheel, place them in order of the color wheel as well. I.E. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple: choose red, orange and yellow, or yellow, green and blue.

4) If using two different colors, go with something bold for the top and bottom, and a light neutral in the middle.

See my sample colored page below for ideas.

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